What offers both great extension and great views? The Great Routes of Scotland, of course! Scotland’s long-distance hiking trails, such as the West Highland Way, the Great Glen Way, and the Southern Upland Way, are among the best hiking trails in the world for expert hikers and will take you through some of our most spectacular landscapes. They are great for those who prefer to discover the country on foot, by bicycle or even, on one of the routes, by canoe!

The trails are marked, for the most part, it is not necessary to walk on the road, and motorized vehicles are not allowed, and they offer different services to visitors along the way. You can enjoy these routes as you prefer: go with the family and complete the journey in short stretches on foot or by bike during an afternoon or day excursion or plan an epic trip of several days, making the whole route at a time.

If you decide on a multi-day tour, or if you are looking for overnight accommodation after a long walk, take a look at our list of companies in the “Welcome to the Hikers” program. You will enjoy a warm welcome, facilities where you can dry your clothes, information about local routes, weather and transportation, and much more.

Find your perfect route:

  • Coastal routes
  • Routes through mountains and lakes
  • Routes from the source of the river to the coast
  • Routes with history
  • Routes on towpaths and bike paths

National Hiking and Cycling Network

Explore the National Hiking and Cycling Network of Scotland, with 29 long-distance routes that form the Great Routes of Scotland, beautiful towpaths, and the beautiful routes of the National Cycling Network.

The Great Routes of Scotland

With the Great Routes of Scotland, you can explore the best of Scotland’s nature and landscapes and experience great historical and cultural wealth.

In total, there are 26 routes. Look here, the one that may interest you most.

Breathe the refreshing sea air, immerse yourself in spectacular seascapes, explore quiet coves and bays, and observe the incredible marine fauna with this collection of sublime coastal routes.

Mountain and Lakes

If you are looking for something magnificent and wild, these routes have it by far. Pack your backpack (or, for the Great Glen Canoe Route, load the canoe) and enjoy some of the most spectacular views of lakes and mountains that you can find anywhere in Europe.

If you are a climber, paddler, walker, cyclist, or horse-rider, Scotland’s Great Trails await you. Experience these amazing trails, with clear way markings, you have amazing landscapes and sights to explore on foot, whether its sports activities or surprising and rich history culture, Scotland is your top choice.